As a mother-to-be of my first child I have noticed that clothing seems to be my number one challenge every morning. I thought it would be morning sickness, boy was I wrong. Each morning I’d get up and look for something appropriate, cute and comfortable to wear while still keeping my sense of style. And every morning I noticed that what use to fit now doesn’t, what use to look stylish now looks frumpy and what use to be comfortable is way to tight. I went from wearing my favorite Christian shirts (that always got me compliments around the church) to missing them terribly. So, I went looking for some Christian Maternity Clothing. Thinking there had to be something out there I went on a search… and found nothing! The top searches on Google produced Amish & Mennonite maternity clothing which was not going to help me at all! This is how HIS Child was born. Not only do I have comfortable stylish clothing, but I am still sharing God’s message along with my excitement of this child I am carrying. Are you finding yourself in the same situation? Check out and find the clothing you like to wear and look stylish in too! Below are just a few examples…

John 1:12
HIS Child Tee Design
Psalm 127:3
HIS Child Shirt Design