MODESTY & PREGNANCY Can Co-Exist! It’s not always easy, but it is possible.

As I go out and look for baby items at different stores I’ve noticed many pregnant women looking stylish and modest. However, for every modest mom there are just as many who are not! One man in my church informed me that as beautiful as pregnancy is, he still doesn’t want to look at another woman’s stomach (especially around the swimming pool). At my dr’s office there are several maternity picts of patients who have almost bared all for a professional picture. When I’m in the dr.’s office with my husband, I want to flip many of them over. As a student leader at my local church, I have to be super careful. I can’t talk to my girls about modesty all day while letting those same standards go lax because of my current situation.

So what are some tips to being modest and stylish at the same time? Especially when your chest along with your stomach is growing and your clothes seem to be shrinking? 

TIP #1: There are several stores that sell tops that have high necks and long bodies to cover those Bella Bands and maternity waste bands. They are beautifully designed and very stylish. Just check what they are made out of before purchasing. For example, HIS Child Clothing ( is 100% cotton. But, when washed you only lose about a quarter to half an inch on the bottom from shrinkage. Other 100% cotton shirts might lose several inches and become a garage sale item.

TIP #2: Even thou the tent looking shirts are usually modest, they still have their problems. You know the shirts. The ones that meet at the neck and as they flow down look more like a dress that a shirt. Don’t get these tent shirts confused with the popular baby doll dresses which are to be worn with pants or jeans and are Tip #3. These tent shirts might be modest while you are sitting or standing, but when bending over, they can cause major problems. They tend to drop in the front and give everyone a decent view down the front of your shirt.

TIP #3: Baby doll dresses that are long enough are your friend. Just make sure to wear a long enough tank or camisole underneath them.

TIP #4: Make sure any undergarment used is high enough to cover the beginning of the valley of the chest. Clevage is not modest! One woman told me that she has problems with the camisoles with built-in bras. They tend to drop low on her. Her suggestion: Cut the bra out! This will keep the camisoles higher on your chest. HIS Child has a white tank top called “Give Of Life” that is both beautiful and can be used as an undegarment with another stylish top. (

Do you have any modest and stylish pregnacy tips for us women who are new to the pregancy seen? Please leave you tips in the comment section below. I’d love to hear and learn from them!

Tank Top from HIS Child
Another design of