Almost every pregnant woman has a baby shower and in those showers you receive several items from clothing, to diapers, to… well, you get the idea. Anyway, I am curious to hear from all you moms. I want to know what the best Baby Shower Gift you’ve ever received was. Maybe it was the item you would have never thought of, but now that you have it, you can’t live without it. Maybe it was an item that made you life  10 times easier than before.

Here’s an example of what I mean, although it does not relate to a baby shower, but a wedding. Almost a month after I was married, one of my friends gave me a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. She said, she’d been waiting to give me her wedding gift because most couples financially are tapped while trying to get the house ready and can’t go out and celebrate their 1 month anniversary. I thought that was an amazing gift, because it was exactly what we needed and it made our little celebration that much more sweet!

Anyway, whatever the gift, please share! I’d like to hear about those things that I may be needing and don’t even know about it. Think of it as helping out the HIS Child community of Mom’s who are new to this whole experience.