Since I began looking for Christian Maternity Clothing I’ve ran across a few sites. One of the most seen was Cafe Press. They sell a mix of Christian maternity and regular maternity tees. Some of their shirts are cute, but some are vulgar and turn the natural beauty of pregnancy into something dirty.¬† When looking for clothing that represents me, my faith and my future son I want something that not only shouts “I believe in Christ” but I also want to know the money’s going to a company that believes the same thing.

I get so tired of seeing companies using Christianity to make money. In our local town there was a factory that sold many scriptural trinkets, candles, etc. Jesus, scripture verses and crosses were on almost everything. When talking to a girlfriend who worked for the company she informed me that they were a horrible business to work for. They did not promote the values of which they sold. She quoted one of her bosses who said… “Jesus sells” in this part of the country. That just turned my stomach.

I say all this to let people know, that we at HIS Child live, to the best of our ability, the values that are placed on our shirts. Our future goal is to begin donating a¬†portion of each shirt sold to the local Pregnancy Care Center whose goal is to help mothers and to lead women away from abortions. It may take a while before we can get this up and running, but we don’t want our business to just be a business. That seems pointless. We want it to be a ministry as well. Please pray for us as we try to make business, ministry and our faith collide.

HIS Child