His Child does not only promote Christian Maternity Clothing, but we try to place God and His Son Jesus Christ as number one in our lives. We do this in three important ways…

1. We read our Bibles daily. Each of us has our own style and studies, but we make spending time in God’s Word a priority each day. Sure, we’re human and we might miss on occasion, but never for long periods of time. We know that we can’t exist without God’s Word. That’s why He sent it to us.

2. We pray daily. Before and after each time in God’s Word we pray for others, our churches, and ourselves. We thank God for every blessing He has given us as well as every trial because we know that He is in control and we love that about Him. We also pray thorough out the day as we run across trials, temptations, stress, worry, friends, family, and strangers who God has placed in our path.

3. We attend church regularly. We know that sustaining our relationship in Christ requires being lead and taught in His Word. And that Fellowship with other believers is necessary and important to our faith and our accountability. We also serve in our churches knowing that people make up the church and that spiritual growth requires action and action leads to spiritual growth.

These are three ways that HIS Child maintain a relationship with Christ that continually grows toward Him. How do you sustain your relationship with GOD? Are you reading His Word daily? Are you praying and thanking Him for everything? Are you attending a church on a regular basis? Are you serving in your church or expecting others to do it?

You’ve got to start somewhere. If you know you are needing help and feel stale or bored with your relationship with Christ here is a challenge: Tell God how you are feeling. Be completely honest with Him (He knows anyway). Then, pick up your Bible and begin reading. I suggest one of the gospels. You don’t have to read for hours. Read a few verses, a chapter or just one story section. Pray when you are finished and ask God to help you apply what you have read and to grow closer to Him. Next, commit to begin attending church regularly. If you don’t have a church home, look for a Bible believing and following church. One that only relies on God’s word for answers. Don’t let being tired, stressed or too busy keep you from church. You need this time. God has programmed you for this time. Don’t try to live without it. Lastly, repeat these steps every day! Your live, your emotions, your beliefs, your worldview…. everything will change if you really put effort into HIM.