In our busy lives that never seem to stop or slow down we forget to recognize many of the blessings God has given. According to James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” Each one of us has been given good and perfect gifts. We just may fail to recognize them. When life is hard, easy, busy, crazy, hectic, miserable… God still gives us good and perfect gifts, we just have to take our focus off of the hard, easy, busy, crazy, hectic, and miserable and look. It may not be some huge gift, but sometimes the smallest can be the most enjoyable and teach us the life lessons we are needing.

Today’s Challenge: Ignore everything that life is throwing your way just for a few minutes. Sit with your eyes closed and remove all distractions, even if only for a minute and think of as many good and perfect gifts God has given you. Then send up a prayer thanking Him for those gifts. (Gifts can be as big as an encouraging word from a friend at the needed time, or as small as a cool breeze on a hot day or the first delicious bite of your favorite treat.)

MOM’s Challenge: Children are good and perfect gifts from God. They might not be perfect angels all the time, but God never makes any mistakes when He created you in your mother’s womb or your children in yours. Everything He makes is perfect and with a purpose. Thank God for your children and the blessings they bring to your life. If you are in a rough patch as a parent, ask God for help and guidance on how He would handle your situation. Go to the scripture and see what God says about the areas you are dealing with. But, whatever you do, do not forget to thank Him!

MOMS – Got any stories you’d like to share about your good and perfect gifts? We’d love to hear them, so just jot them below. Gift From Above maternity t-shirt

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