This spring I went to a women’s conference. The speaker was Susan J. Heck, author of “A Call to Scripture Memory.” This woman was full of godly wisdom. She is a pastor’s wife who counseled women of all ages including students  at her church and in her home. She says that one of her calls from God is to get women to memorize the Scripture.  She has almost all of the New Testament books memorized and several of the Old Testament books as well. Her daughter’s goal is to memorize the entire Bible and her 4-year-old grandson is learning along with mom as she puts passages to music.

Is scripture memorization important. Our obvious answer is yes, but why? Read Psalms 1:1-2,  Colossians 3:16 & Joshua 1:8. What does God’s Word say we are to do? Would God ever ask us to do something that is impossible for humans? No! If He commanded it, then each of us has the ability to do it. I needed this, more than most because my memorization skills are very low. If I don’t use something regularly, I will lose it. (That is why, after so many years in Spanish class I can only say “my name is…,” “my home is your home” and “can I go to the bathroom?” in spanish.) Are you up for the challenge? I was after hearing Susan speak. I knew immediately I needed to begin this journey that God had called me to take. I am memorizing the book of James. Granted, I’m only working on chapter one, and have been for about two months, but I wouldn’t ask you to do something, I am not willing to do as well.

For those of you who feel that same calling, Susan gave some great “how too’s” and tips to help us out.

How Too’s:

  1. Start! Don’t put it off.
  2. Set realistic goals (not too much or too little)
  3. Find someone to hold you accountable.


  1. Record your voice reading the passage and listen to it at a rapid pace repeatedly. This helps with the memorization process. It’s scientifically proven.
  2. Keep a copy of the bible page and carry it around with you. Look at it when you have nothing going on. (riding in the car, waiting on oil change, etc.)
  3. Memorize phrases which will turn into verses which will eventually turn into chapters.
  4. Review sections for 30 days and you will get it!
  5. Review everything you’ve memorized every month to two months.
  6. Work when mentally alert or free from distractions. Walking on a treadmill while memorizing keeps me focused and makes the time go by quickly.
  7. Stick to the same Bible translation when memorizing.
  8. Put verses you can’t get memorized to music.
  9. Are you leaving out phrases? Think logically and that will help you remember what comes next.

Today’s Challenge: Read Deuteronomy 11:18-21. What does God say we are to do with His Word? Choose a passage you want to memorize. Pick something that is meaningful to you right now or something that you are dealing with. The important thing is that you choose and then begin memorizing it. Care to share what God is asking you to memorize? Share it with us below!

MOM’s Challenge: Read Deuteronomy 11:18-21. Susan said that woman of the Old Testament had to memorize God’s Word because they helped teach it to their children. Actually getting your hands on a passage of scripture, not to mention an entire book was almost impossible. Therefore, God’s Word was passed to each generation orally. Mom and dad both taught it to their children. As mom’s we need to make sure we know God’s Word. We will be blessed if we are obedient and our children will be blessed as well. So why are we not setting our children up to be blessed? What steps do you need to take to lead your children to scripture memorization? What steps do you need to take to be a good example for them?