His-Child was created by my daughter and I to make God-honoring maternity tops. That was our main focus. When she suggested we include adult men’s t-shirts, I disagreed. Why change?

God has a way of gently making things clear when He wants you to do something that you have already decided not to. I was in a fast food restaurant with my grandson and husband enjoying a wonderful meal of fat and salt. I happened to glance at the family sitting at the table next to us. There was a man wearing a t-shirt that was not God-honoring and extremely offensive to women. As if the shirt was not bad enough, he was sitting with his wife and 3 daughters. Needless to say, we now make men’s Christian t-shirts.

Men…wear them proudly. Show the world there are God fearing men willing to stand for JESUS.

Right now we sell two men’s shirts; one for proud dads and another about prayer. However, in the next few weeks we hope to post our new men’s shirt that shares their love for their wife and God’s Word.

His Child

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