If there is one thing I learned as a mother, it is that even though some days seem endless, the years pass so quickly. You don’t want to miss one smile, one funny thing they do, or they say. The time is more precious than you think. My word of advice-don’t waste it. Interact with your child, who will not always want your full attention like they do now. There comes a time when the hugs get less and the talking may cease (especially if it is a son). Kids grow and that’s a good thing; that’s the point of it all. But I see so many mom’s with little ones walking thru a store or being at the park and they are on their cell phones. I love technology and what it is doing for us all. I have a cell phone and use it often, but never when my grand-babies want my attention. I know like my own children, they will grow up fast and not want to spend so much time with grandma. So, I will get on my soap box and say (for your own good) GET OFF YOUR PHONE. THEY ARE ONLY LITTLE ONCE.

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