We were snowed in last week, like many of you I assume. It gave me chance to “surf” and look at other maturity t-shirts companies on-line. I was a bit surprised to see what some shirts had printed on them. I was thinking to myself, “how could anyone think this was funny?” It was at that time God did His thing…He softly and gently reminded me it wasn’t that many years ago that I might have thought that was funny too.

I have not had a relationship with Jesus Christ all my life so I can still remember my “old self”. It’s not a pretty picture and I don’t like to go there very often, but it does remind me how a group of understanding and patient Christians helped me to see the Truth. It’s easy for me to be judgmental unless the finger is pointed at me. So, let’s celebrate our new self and keep growing in the Lord; never forgetting there are lost people out there that need our prayers and a gentle hand to guide them to our Lord.

Psalm 127:3