We are very excited to feature our newest long sleeve shirt with an old and favorite design of many of our customers. It is our PRAYED FOR PINK MATERNITY T SHIRT WITH BABY FEET DESIGN. This light weight pink shirt stylishly gathers at the waste but has plenty of room for your little one to grow. Layer this V-neck tee with a camisole or pair with accessories for a variety of looks and styles. This shirt is perfect for any mother who has prayed for their child. The Scripture verse on the Prayed For tee is from Hannah, mother of the prophet Samuel, who begged God for a child. 1 Samuel 1:27 says, “For this child, I have prayed.” Check it out on His-Child.com along with our many other maternity shirts. Use coupon code: LOVED and get 10% off and order of $40 or more get free shipping!