So, since His-Child began placing more emphasis on maternity clothing we do then to have more maternity shirts than any other product. And, as I have mentioned in past posts we are branching out. We have a lot of baby and kids clothing and a few regular shirts with more to come.

Anyway, because we sell so many maternity shirts, I have found a few baby show ideas that I really like and have posted on our Pinterest site. One such idea is giving out Hershey candy bars at the party. Each candy bar has the second “HE” of HersHEy colored blue with a sharpie if it’s a boy or the “SHE” of HerSHEy colored pink with a sharpie if it’s a girl. Cheap and cute. Plus, who doesn’t like chocolate?! (Yes, I know there are a few of you who do not like chocolate and I’m praying for you – LOL). As I find more ideas, I will keep posting them to Pinterest to help some of you ladies out.

'He or She' Hershey Bar Baby Shower Favor | Click Pic for 30 DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Boys | DIY Baby Shower Party Favors for Boys. Yeppers like this for a girl!