I Love Jesus, Yes I Do Christian Shirt at His-Child.comI Love Jesus Let Me Tell You Christian Shirt on His-Child.com

Kerusso FB posted a T-Shirt Evangelism Tip: Use your t-shirt to start a conversation and begin building a relationship. Get to know them and let them get to know you. As you get to know each and built rapport and trust you will be able to share with them who Christ is and what it means to have a relationship with Him.

Why do you wear Christian shirts? Do you like their look. Do they represent who you are? Is it to share Jesus with others? Christian shirts can open doors to sharing Jesus with others, but we must be prepared. Are you prepared to talk to others about Christ if they comment or ask a question on your shirt?

Here are some way to be prepared to share what your shirt portrays:

  1. Read the passage on your shirt before leaving the house. You might not memorize it (although that would be awesome) but you should at least be able to tell someone what it says in your own words.
  2. Make sure your attitude, speech and actions don’t contradict what or who your shirt advertises. Yelling at a clerk while your shirt shares Jesus doesn’t make Jesus look all that attractive or desirable. And if your shirt advertises your church… they will probably never be a visitor.
  3. Write your personal testimony and be ready to share it. You might not be the best at quoting scripture, but you can tell someone what Jesus has done for you.
  4. Know some basic scripture passages about salvation like the Roman’s Road or have them tagged or highlighted in a phone app like YouVersionHis-Child.com also has a few online resources that might help you.
  5. Pray. Ask God to provide you with opportunities to share Him with others. He will if you ask Him to. Also, pray before talking with someone. God will give you the words to say.

Now that you are prepared, put on your Christian shirt and go share the Gospel with those around you. And if you are in need of some Christian shirts, go to His-Child.com and pick up a few. I know we have just a few regular shirts, but we are growing and hope to have a lot more in the weeks to come!

Side Note: The shirt above was just created for this blog, but if you’d buy it or want it in another color, let us know. We’d like your feed back!