According to Barna Research Life Truly Happens in the #Living Room:
Most families do almost everything together in their family or living room. Two-thirds of parents (65%) say they spend the most time as a family in this space, with the kitchen coming in as the preferred second space. Entertainment, leisure and creativity all overlap in this space—likely contributing to a presence of technology within all of these activities. Families are most often participating in leisure or entertainment activities in the family room (79%), but it’s also the place where families say their creative activities happen (51%).
What about family devotions? Does your family spend time in the Bible together? Do you teach your children how to spend time with God by having #FamilyDevotion times? It doesn’t matter what room you use, God will bless your efforts and your family as you spend time with Him. If you don’t have a daily #DevotionalTime, I encourage you to schedule one. Maybe start with those night that have less scheduled activities, or every weekday, but start one. It will change your #family. #ChangeYourFamily #YourLegacy #FamilyBibleStudy #HisChild (it’s more than just shirts) #chirstianshirt #faith #Witness #testimony #Evangelism