According to Barna Research, when they do go to bed, most people take their phones with them. A full seven in 10 parents say they sleep with their phone next to them. Alarmingly, parents say their kids are even more likely to take their phones to bed: More than eight in 10 parents of teens (82%) say their child takes their phone to bed and more than seven in ten parents of preteens (72%) say the same. And when that phone is right next to you, it’s tempting to reach for it when you wake up: 62 percent of parents say checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning. What are they doing on their phone while they rub away the cobwebs of sleep? Most check their email (74%). Social media (48%), news (36%) and calendar organization (24%) also vie for their attention. LESS than one in five (17%) are using a Bible or devotional app.
Is God the first one you think of in the morning? Not according to these statistics. Ouch! Can we change the current trend? Encourage your family to make God a priority before emails, social media, news, or your calendar. You might be amazed at how time with HIM can change how you view everything else.
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