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We were created to worship or glorify something. It is in our DNA. Even those who say they don’t believe in any type of deity worships something or someone. If you watch them long enough or spend enough time with them, you will be able to determine what they have filled that void for worship with.

According to (a great Bible questions site), “the Bible makes it abundantly clear that God created man and that He created him for His glory. Isaiah 43:7 says, ‘everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.’ Therefore, the ultimate purpose of man, according to the Bible, is simply to glorify God.”

I will be honest, there was a time when I worshiped and glorified coupons. I was a Christian at the time, but I let me couponing craze come before my relationship with God. I explained it to my students in a lesson on idolatry; it was as if I covered a coupon in gold and placed it on my mantel. My every moment was filled with trying to get the next deal. I was consumed. A friend of mine shared a similar story, but her worship went toward her running medals. She confessed that she had a shrine of them and would constantly re-arrange them. They became more important to her than her relationship with God.

What might you be placing before or as more important than your relationship with God? And, what are you going to do about it? (We help you share Jesus with others.)



First Time customers can get a FREE Raising Arrows Car Decal!
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Arrow represent you children so use all five or just one or two.
Application instructions can be found on the Raising Arrows Car Decal product information.

*Shipping is determined by your location. His-Child does not pay for the shipping of the decal to the customer.

Halloween Shirt for only $10.50

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Raising Arrows (Mom’s Need Shirts Too!)

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth.
Happy is the man who has filled his quiver with them. Such men will never be put to shame when they speak with their enemies at the city gate. Psalms 127:4-5

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New Christian Maternity Shirts (One for the mother of TWINS!)

We are excited to announce that we have two new Christian Maternity Shirts that just came out at In the past we have received many requests for Maternity Shirts that celebrate the women carrying TWINS. Well, guess what? We have created a shirt for Twins too!!!

So, go to and check out our two new Christian maternity shirts along with our many non-maternity shirts for men and women, baby shirts and children’s shirts.

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We Remember!

Thank you to those who sacrificed their lives and those who served and those who lost loved ones for freedom!

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Coupon & Sunday Reminder

Don’t Forget: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th!

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