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I Want to Think Like You

I say this prayer regularly. And the more I ask this, the more I notice God changing me. #prayerlife #praydaily #Psalm139twentythree24  #Christlike #justlikeJesus #hischild #Godskid #hischilddotcom

My thoughts like your thoughts

What Do You Declare? |

Declare your majesty SQ

Everyone declares something. Most people are willing to share their stance on any topic you put before them. Don’t think this is true? Look at any social media site and you will see someone (it’s probably more like almost everyone) stating their views, opinions, and beliefs.

So, what do you declare? Are you a proud republican or democrat? Do you have strong beliefs in the use of oils, exercise or all natural foods? Whatever you declare, make sure that you declare God and who He is much louder and prouder than anything else.

Psalm 145:5 says, “I will speak of Your splendor and glorious majesty and Your wonderful works.” When you start to speak of, or declare, who God is… When you talk of His splendor… When you tell others of His glorious majesty… When you share God’s wonderful works… everything else should shrink in comparison. Because there is NOTHING that can compare to God’s Majesty.

Again, I ask, what do you declare?

Prayer Is Not For God

Praying means caring

Prayer is not for God, it’s for us. He already knows what we need and want. He already knows our situations. Prayer changes us. It keeps our heart inclined toward God. It maintains a willingness in you to grow and be changed. The more we talk to God and listen to Him the more we grow to love Him. The more we pray for others, the more we grow to love others as He does. But, when we stop all communication with Him, or make it very rare, we begin stop growing. And if growth means life, then the lack there of…

Therefore, when we stop praying we stop caring. DON’T STOP PRAYING!

This blog was inspired by the “Pray Like Jesus” daily devotion found on


Week 4: Running for Begginers

Week 4 Running for Begginers

Running for God. Running for me. #exercisefaith #exercisebody #GodGetsAllGlory

Phil 4.13

Do we really Expect something to happen?

​So many times we pray for things, “For this child, I have prayed”. But do we really expect something to happen? Why are we so surprised when God answers a prayer? I love this verse because of it reminds me to trust and expect God to answer. Sometimes it’s yes and sometimes no and sometimes wait…(that’s the hard one for me). And then thank Him no matter what the result because He only wants the best for us.

Col 4:2 Devote yourself to prayer being watchful and thankful.

Monday Morning


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Worry about Nothing, Pray about Everything. Phil. 4:6
Worry about Nothing, Pray about Everything.
Phil. 4:6

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