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We say WWJD, but probably should say...

So this bracelet church meme made me laugh and I hope it does you too. But, how many of us would be honest and say our lives fit the second bracelet more than the first?

1 Peter 2:21 “For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.”

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Funny Christian Meme on Praying for Patience

Yep, this actually happened a few years ago. All of my daughter’s just washed, folded and put away clothes all pulled out onto the floor. And they were both so proud of themselves. They just couldn’t wait to show me. I knew they were quiet for way to long…

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Jesus Walks On Water

Run Jesus, Run! I don’t think this is what Matthew 14:25 was talking about. (Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. – Matthew 14:25) My husband showed me this and it made me laugh. Hope it makes you laugh too.

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What your heart beat looks like when the Pastor asks you to pray from the pulpit.

I thought this was funny, especially since my Pastor asked me from the pulpit if I had anything to announce to the congregation. I guess he thought I was coming into service to get his attention, when what I was really doing was trying to get the attention of one of my student’s moms. I was so embarrassed. So, for all of you who have been in as similar situation, I feel your pain. Enjoy this funny Christian meme.

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When you tell someone about Jesus and they get mad at you

Another funny Christian meme for Monday, but this one is filled with truth. So, I post this for anyone who has ever share the Gospel with someone, with no selfish intentions at all, and got yelled at for it.

Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. (Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13)

(Today, please pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who face so much more than a little anger for the cause of Christ.) (Christian Decals that represents you and your faith.)

Marshmallow Bible

Funny, but also true. You can’t pick and choose from God’s word. It’s all true or none of it’s true. It’s like trying to learn math but only addition because it’s easy to do and ignoring subtraction, multiplication and division. (Can you tell I have a early elementary student?!)

I choose to believe the whole Bible. And not just because I have faith, which I do, but also because there are mounds and mounds of facts and information to back it up. Like Voddie Bauchum says, “God gave you a brain and He expects you to use it.”

Funny Christmas Meme on King Herod

Another Christmas funny that made me laugh and I thought I’d shares it with you. There might be more truth to this than we know. King Herod was a great builder, but also known as a mad man. He executed one of his 10 wives and three of his 14 children, and ordered the murder of young male children in his quest to kill the baby Jesus.  Yes, the same baby Jesus marked by a giant star. (Christian Shirts that represent you and your faith)

Angels get God a gift

Here’s a Funny to start you day. And if you are like me, trying to find that certain someone who has everything he wants (aka my dad) a great gift for Christmas, might I recommend ​ We have unique clothing, decals and decor that you won’t find in any Christian book store. Oh, and as for this comic, the only thing you can give God is YOU. Funny thing is, that’s all He wants.​ (A Christian store that represents You and Your Faith.)

When Christmas Plays Collide

The war between Jesus and Santa begin as we start this Christmas Season. However, most of our Christmas traditions started out with a basis of faith in Jesus. Here are some examples:

The word “Christmas” came from when Christians would have a Mass or Communion celebrating Christ. It was called “Christ’s Mass” thus we get our word Christmas.

We don’t know Jesus’ birthday. But, during the Roman empire they celebrated the shortest day of the year partying and worshiping idols, especially the god of the sun. This day was December 25th. Then the Roman empire started following God and becoming Christians. They decided to keep the celebration, but instead of worshiping the god of the sun, they would celebrate God’s Son, Jesus. Thus, we keep this tradition today and celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25th.

Martin Luther was the first to add lights to Christmas trees; he did so to point to Jesus as the “light of the world” (John 8:12).

Holly wreaths with their sharp, pointed leaves were chosen to represent the crown of thorns Jesus wore on the cross; their small red berries symbolize his drops of blood. Evergreen wreaths likewise signify eternal life in Him.

St. Nicholas was a real person and a real saint. He went around giving to the poor and helping others for the glory of God. I wonder what his thoughts would be on how he is perceived now?

You might think it silly, but there is a ​12 Questions of Christmas on ​​JellyTelly where each day you and your children can learn all about our Christmas traditions in just a few minutes. My family highly recommends it.

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