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Interesting that obeying #GodsWord does

Interesting that obeying #GodsWord does not only keep the young pure, but anyone of any age. #purity #biblereading

#MOMlife I was made for this! Jeremiah 29:11

momlife-model-2#MOMlife I was made for this! Jeremiah 29:11
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Why does society sometimes call what is meant to be a blessing a punishment?

For some who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant,

although circumstances might not be what you had hoped for,

and your worried how you are going to make it through, there is one thing you should know…

To be given a child is a blessing. That baby is not given to you as a consequence or to punish you. That baby is a reminder that you are loved by God. And maybe through the love you’ll have for this child you get a small glimpse of just how much He loves you.

Enjoy your little ones and remember they are blessings, gifts, and rewards.

Kids are a blessing

Parenting Tip From God

The text “Way He Should Go” has been explained in two ways.

One, that parents should rear their children following the principles found in God’s Word. Teaching them to love, forgive, and serve others. Training them to pray and read their Bible daily and set an example for their children to follow.

Two, that each child is different, and requires different responses, training and leadership to become who God created them to be. This requires their parents reliance on God for wisdom and guidance; since God is the only one who knows what is best for each child.

And don’t forget prayer. Lot’s of prayer for our children, for us (their parents), for their future spouses, for their future decisions, for their future as a child of God, etc.

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