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Fear God

Those who FEAR God fear NOTHING Else. Psalm 34:7-9

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What do you Declare?

We declare Your majesty. Psalm 145:5

(Christian Clothing, Maternity, Athletic Apparel, Children’s Clothing, Etc.)

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New Christian Maternity Shirts (One for the mother of TWINS!)

We are excited to announce that we have two new Christian Maternity Shirts that just came out at In the past we have received many requests for Maternity Shirts that celebrate the women carrying TWINS. Well, guess what? We have created a shirt for Twins too!!!

So, go to and check out our two new Christian maternity shirts along with our many non-maternity shirts for men and women, baby shirts and children’s shirts.

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Why does society sometimes call what is meant to be a blessing a punishment?

For some who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant,

although circumstances might not be what you had hoped for,

and your worried how you are going to make it through, there is one thing you should know…

To be given a child is a blessing. That baby is not given to you as a consequence or to punish you. That baby is a reminder that you are loved by God. And maybe through the love you’ll have for this child you get a small glimpse of just how much He loves you.

Enjoy your little ones and remember they are blessings, gifts, and rewards.

Kids are a blessing

I Want to Think Like You

I say this prayer regularly. And the more I ask this, the more I notice God changing me. #prayerlife #praydaily #Psalm139twentythree24  #Christlike #justlikeJesus #hischild #Godskid #hischilddotcom

My thoughts like your thoughts

God, the best author ever!

Psalms 8:3, 4

So much can be said about this verse. And yet, it does justice all on it’s own. God is an excellent author.

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