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Prayer Is Not For God

Praying means caring

Prayer is not for God, it’s for us. He already knows what we need and want. He already knows our situations. Prayer changes us. It keeps our heart inclined toward God. It maintains a willingness in you to grow and be changed. The more we talk to God and listen to Him the more we grow to love Him. The more we pray for others, the more we grow to love others as He does. But, when we stop all communication with Him, or make it very rare, we begin stop growing. And if growth means life, then the lack there of…

Therefore, when we stop praying we stop caring. DON’T STOP PRAYING!

This blog was inspired by the “Pray Like Jesus” daily devotion found on



God, the best author ever!

Psalms 8:3, 4

So much can be said about this verse. And yet, it does justice all on it’s own. God is an excellent author.

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