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Running For Beginners Week 6: Time and miles pass without notice

Are you still running? What do you do, listen to or watch to take your attention off of the pain or exhaustion? How does God help you as you run? I’ve noticed that when I am outside running and I pray for others and their needs, time and miles seem to pass without notice. #runforGod #GiveGodTime #RunningPrayer #fitnessfaith

His-Child.comWeek 6 Running for Begginers

Week 4: Running for Begginers

Week 4 Running for Begginers

Running for God. Running for me. #exercisefaith #exercisebody #GodGetsAllGlory

Week 2 Running for Beginners 

If you completed week one, here is week two. Keep going. Don’t quit. And meditate on God as you go.

To Run or Not To Run?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But, you know you’ve got to start doing something. And you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. So, if running is something you’d like to try, but your not sure how; and the only idea you have is to get off the coach and running as far as you can, you might try this instead…

TIPS: Start Slow, Drink lots of water, Spend time with God in prayer or memorization of Scripture, listening to a sermon or up-beat praise music and slow down if something begins to hurt or feel uncomfortable.

Week 1 Running for Begginers

I’m not a trainer. Just someone who tried this and it worked for them and thought I’d share it. has a women’s athletic shirt for sale if you need something to run in. We hope to expand our line of athletic shirts in the near future.

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