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As of December 23, ​ is closed for Winter Vacation.

We will be taking time to spend with family and God. We hope that you get to spend this time with your family too.

Rest assured, we will re-open ​ on December 29th.


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Cheap Advertising Ideas

As of now, HIS Child has been an up and running business for 2 full months. We have added new products and have been working on making our online store more efficient. Now we are working on advertising and doing it cheaply. However, this is not one of our areas of expertise. We are looking for cheap and free advertising for HIS Child. Does anyone have any ideas at to were we might find this? Preferably that targets Christian women of childbearing age. If you can think of any websites that are great for Christian mothers, Christian families, etc. I’d like to know where they are so I can check them out and their ad costs. You might have great ideas or more knowledge than we do and could give us a few pointers. We could sure use it. Please help!

Christian Mom Websites

Resources are always helpful and can be very informative. However, as a Christian it is hard to look at just any site that might give information about motherhood, child rearing, etc. I want sites that hold the same morals and values as I. So, here are a few Christian Mom websites I’ve recently been looking at. Some are for “Stay at home moms” which I will not be, but they still have some great information and are full of encouraging advice, tips and ideas.

Moms Of Faith

Christian Stay At Home Moms

Christian Mom

Just Moms

Mothers of Preschoolers

Focus on the Family

Do you have any sites that you tend to visit? Are you willing to share them with the rest of us?

Mixing Business with Faith

Since I began looking for Christian Maternity Clothing I’ve ran across a few sites. One of the most seen was Cafe Press. They sell a mix of Christian maternity and regular maternity tees. Some of their shirts are cute, but some are vulgar and turn the natural beauty of pregnancy into something dirty.  When looking for clothing that represents me, my faith and my future son I want something that not only shouts “I believe in Christ” but I also want to know the money’s going to a company that believes the same thing.

I get so tired of seeing companies using Christianity to make money. In our local town there was a factory that sold many scriptural trinkets, candles, etc. Jesus, scripture verses and crosses were on almost everything. When talking to a girlfriend who worked for the company she informed me that they were a horrible business to work for. They did not promote the values of which they sold. She quoted one of her bosses who said… “Jesus sells” in this part of the country. That just turned my stomach.

I say all this to let people know, that we at HIS Child live, to the best of our ability, the values that are placed on our shirts. Our future goal is to begin donating a portion of each shirt sold to the local Pregnancy Care Center whose goal is to help mothers and to lead women away from abortions. It may take a while before we can get this up and running, but we don’t want our business to just be a business. That seems pointless. We want it to be a ministry as well. Please pray for us as we try to make business, ministry and our faith collide.

HIS Child

MOM-to-be Baby Books that Iv’e found Helpful

There are so many book on the market today on pregnancy, child rearing that I feel overwhelmed when I enter a bookstore. I don’t want to pay for a book by someone who does not have the same values and morals as I. I don’t want to pay for a book that doesn’t work and has false ideas. So, what books out there are worth paying for and worth reading? Since I am new at this your input would be helpful. But there are a few that I am in the mist of reading and have received high ratings on many sites and by friends and family. Here are the few that I have found so far…

In my last blog I discussed a book called “Baby Wise” by Ezzo and Bucknam. Currently, I have only read to chapter 4, but the information that I have so far received combined with the recommendation of friends has been inspirational. For any mom worried about sleep for both her and her new-born this book has helped put my mind at ease. The first chapter sucked me in. It discusses the importance of the baby joining the family, not taking it over. My husband and I have been the center of each other’s world for several years now and the idea of that changing puts a little fear into my heart. But this book showed how we are a team who is gaining a new member and one of my jobs as a parent is to invite the new member in, but not give them complete control or all my attention.

Another book I am currently reading is “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” by Murkoff and Mazel. Now, this is not a sit down and read through type of book, but as I have questions, concerns and grow into certain areas of my pregnancy I have learned that this book is a wealth of information. Many of my friends recommended it to me. My church also had a copy of it in our maternity section (an area of resources and used clothing for moms to pull from and borrow during pregnancy). I just received “What to Expect the First Year” by Heidi Murkoff which I am told is also a wealth of information. I have not yet gotten to this book.

My husband and I also about to start “Bringing Up Boys” by Josh McDowell since we now know the gender of our child. He also has “Bringing Up Girls” which just recently came out. This is another book that receives high marks from many. I will update you with more information as  I begin reading this book.

So, what other books and resources have you found that are helpful or were helpful in your past pregnancies. I’m sure many of us would like to know. Please share!

Helpful Mom Website… I need more!

I will keep this blog short for all of you busy moms and moms-to-be. But I am wanting to know about different sites that really helped you during and after your pregnancy. The two that I’ve found the most helpful are: for christian clothing shirts for Q&As of what is to come, what is happening now and all of those other questions I may have later.

So, what site do or did you find helpful in and after pregnancy? Please list them. Us new moms can use all the help we can get!!!

Also, I’d like to inform all moms-to-be of a book that has come highly recommend to me and as I read it I am finding out why… On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam. This is an amazing book and I’m only on chapter 4. I highly recommend it if you are worried about your baby sleeping at night as well as you and your husband! One of my girlfriends got her little new-born to begin sleeping through the night in one month! Praise God. Hope i can do the same.

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